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What a way to end the year.
Few months back a man came into my office premises desperately needing a driver's license.
Everyone told him it wasn't possible to get one immediate as a procedure was on ground to follow.
He looked very unhappy but most people didn't care
I walked up to him, looking at his shoes, his hands & neck I was sure he was a soldier. I nicely asked him if I could help. He reluctantly replied me.
He said he wanted a driver's license so he can get his salaries, give money to his wife and return to Maiduguri.
I knew this was why he was desperate. I asked him if he had National Identification Card because he could use that too, he said he went to @nimc_ng but he was given a temporal slip and told to return after a week to get his National Identification Number.
I asked if he had International passport he said no, was about to say voters card until it dawned on me uniform people don't vote. Its was about 02:30pm, he had just 24 hours left to report to Maiduguri and he was gonna spend two days on the road. Which means he would be
charged AWOL. He called his superior who instantly told him OYO. Meaning he was on his own. I felt really bad for him. His wife was calling & complaining he was on pass and he didn't even spend a night with her. The young soldier was confused. He looked at me and said aunty help me
He had only 1k on him, he needed to get an identification and change of name done and he had 1 hour left. I took permission from work, went with him to the bank, asked to see the bank manager. The manager kept saying policies don't change for people. I pleaded that he allows the soldier write a letter of authority that will allow me bring his NIN and change of name so his account will be fixed and money transferred to his wife. The manager was reluctant but he agreed.
I called a friend at the newspaper house and transferred money for the change of name to him.
Called my cousin who works at Nimc and he promised to help me get the NIN the next day.
Gave the soldier transport to leave for home and money to give his wife.
I looked at him and said, you don buy job already but make sure you touch that woman before you go back to Maiduguri. He laughed and banged his leg shouting she go hear am.🤣
He left to see his wife, after 3 hours he called, he had gotten to his home. The next day he called that
he was spending the day with his wife. It took me two days to get all the info and I headed to the bank. His BVN wrong name spelling was corrected and he got an SMS on his way to Jos. He called me thanking me.
He made a transfer to his wife after months of no pay. Madam called me, thanking me and praying . She said didn't believe her husband when he said someone gave him money, someone he doesn't know.
Today She named her daughter Precious Adejoke😁. A Hausa baby with a Yoruba name.
I can't help it.
I am a Godmother.
That money was what she used to pay for drugs when she found out she was pregnant.
That if I didn't help her husband her pregnancy & birth would have been on debts
Yes, we make policies in Nigeria but we forget to consider these guys who put themselves there to ensure we walk freely.
It's like I have a Hausa extension in Niger state now.
The grandfather has just gotten off the phone praying for me. What a way to end the year.
I have baby precious in Niger 🤣🤣😜
Be good to people, you may be saving a soul.
You never can tell.
You read that story and it touched you, now it's the season of love, make someone happy no matter how small. Show them love they don't deserve.
Make them smile. Let's touch someone in need.
Make them feel special.
Season greetings beautiful people😘🤗
Baby precious is richer than some of you.
My girl has money oooo
Thanks to everyone who sent money for her.
I hope the whole relatives don't call me this time when I transfer the money🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  1. Thanks so much! I'm so touched! We still have good Nigerians.


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